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The Hauz of Gravity (Pty) Ltd (referred to as “the HoG” or the company or group) is a formed, black-owned built environment consultancy and property development company, our strategy is focused on acquiring and hosting all professionals in the built construct profession ranging from Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil Construct Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Constructors, Project Managers and Industrial & Interior Designers etc.


We believe in going out there and identifying problems well within our market and deriving solutions for those problems…in other words we work towards

generating business for ourselves and not waiting for clients to approach us for business.

Services are provided by the Hauz of Gravity staff as they are skilled in this profession and have a wide spread of knowledge in the industry. Our intention is to

design structures which give an appeal to the community and propose structures that will influence growth in infrastructure and development for communities


and surrounding areas, thus promoting economical development by creating jobs for community members.


“We believe that it’s in the formation of our structures that a need is fulfilled to our clients by giving a distinctive functionality to provide a solution to a structural and development problem that has always disadvantaged a lot of South Africans throughout the years. Our profile strategy gives us access to the market, enabling our company access to customer client bases and growth strategies in business operations in the industry.”


Gomolemo Rakgoale

Founder & Director

Why Choose The HoG


-Residential & Industrial Concept & Plan Design
-Interior Design & Space planning
-Development Proposals/Schemes/Municipal Submissions

-Project Management

Building Construction & Civil Works

-Residential and Industrial Construction


-Municipal Infrastructure

-Road Works

-Project Management

Builders Yard & Plant Hire

-Selling all known building and structural materials

-Plant hire on all mining, construction and civil works

Facts About The HoG





-Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to   the ethical principles of design and build construction.

-Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.

-Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored design and construction solutions.

-Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines.

-Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.

-Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis.

-Strong design, technical technological background.

-24/7 availability





The company will embrace technology in order to improve service while using the best tools to improve our design and construction efficiency to our tenants and clients.

This includes:

Designing and constructing at cost efficient strategies bearing in mind that our clients need cost efficient structures for living and conducting business.

Maintaining a state-of-the-art delivery system in terms of design and construction ensuring that deadlines and orders are met when and where required.

Actively seeking the engagement and feedback of our clients with a view to provide optimum service levels.

Providing ongoing training for all staff to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to provide world-class service delivery.


Training future employees so they are able to provide service similar to their precedence fellow employees with a window of option to new ideas, information and techniques required to remain competitive and provide efficiency of service.




The HoG’s growth strategy is based on the acquisition of existing similar businesses to fit into our business strategy and organic growth and sees the company being able to grow these companies beyond the South African market through the introduction of new systems, products and merchandising, providing more centralised distribution centres across the company.

Our organic growth strategy is based on getting into the new business of opening our own new format of franchising in construction targeting rural areas, townships and cities having a market in all levels. Our key strategy is to deliver quality construction work at cost efficient pricing in an environment having a variable target market. The aim is to enhance productivity improvements and growth in sales and profitability across our franchises. We will manage our supply chain through innovative warehousing plans, strong systems, and a combination of decentralised and centralised procurement by limiting the number of building materials held to the fastest-moving items needed in daily general building and home-improvement. The HoG is in an aggressive acquisition mode acquiring strategic businesses thus growing our footprint in South Africa and later into the rest of Africa. The other growth strategy is to acquire businesses that are involved in the real estate market.




Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) has had some success in opening up the shareholding and management of existing businesses to black South Africans. We believe that Africa too needs creators of successful businesses, like in America a 28 year old creates a very successful story in business and from the most challenging sector. We need those stories to come from Africa to and start to rally behind individuals or people who want to create those stories. But it will only

truly be a success when black businessmen are able to be established from start up and grow to a substantial size business which can compete with the big players in any sector. Then the doors to the mainstream economy can be said to be well and truly open.


Black entrepreneurs need to make their mark in big business – not just in small niche areas. And they need to do it by bringing their unique ideas to the market as well as their understanding of the market particularly in the built and construct environment. Where are the black created and owned retail giants? Where are the black developers who understand the special financial, social and physical needs of the communities from which they come from? Black South Africa created and honed the concept of the “Mkhukhu” during the apartheid era to address the unique property development circumstances facing black communities at the time.


I believe the opportunity exists for the HoG as a black created and owned entity. Concepts like “uBuntu” (we are who we are because of others) and “Shared Wealth”, which are so much a part of our heritage, can be pillars of a development giant. There is still vast room for improved service. Clients can be treated like Kings and Queens; small business owners, artisans and entrepreneurs can be properly supported and empowered; innovative ways of design and construction solutions can be introduced; fresh concepts that invite communities to feel “at home” in them can be introduced; and local producers can be sourced from, developed and empowered to.


The construction industry is a very competitive industry in South Africa and it is dominated largely by big players, so to black groups and companies need to crack the market and become players and compete at the same level, we cannot tire our hands and say it’s tough….no game is easy, you have to play and win or lose but the point is that you exist, you will continue playing until you win. We at the HoG intend to do that, but we are convinced that we can bring something new to both our clients and to business. We believe that competition can create a better draft in the scope of experience, real savings and challenge the old ideas.


That is why to the above mentioned; the HoG is bringing change with its innovative ideas. The HoG believes that even the poor/underprivileged deserve a better life-style and a good experience when it comes to their up-bringing, we bring exactly that through our structures to our clients, that the design detail focuses on robust methods of room layouts and access to recreational spaces, our clients will enjoy and find easy the purchasing and letting experience through our customer.


Support the HoG in their quest to bring better living life-styles to all that need it. Let’s take this “Mkhukhu Function” to a mansion.